In God I trust: Shruthi

image That Kamal Haasaan is an atheist is an open secret in these parts. But his elder daughter Shruthi Haasan has no second thought in accepting that she is a strong believer of God.

"There was no pooja room at my home since my father is a non-believer. But I started believing the Almighty and I have complete trust in Him," says Shruthi.

The actress-singer-music composer adds: "I frequently visit many temples. Whenever I find time, I will go to a temple. And my father has not questioned me anything about this," says Shruthi.

Saying that she would never quit music for the sake of anything, Shruthi adds: "I don’t know what actress Shruthi would do after 10 years. But I am sure musician Shruthi would be performing at that time."

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