1,778 committed suicide this year: Police

In a shocking disclosure, police said so far this year some 1,778 suicides had been reported to have taken place in Sri Lanka. Police said among them were 41 boys and 77 girls below the age of 16 and 397 women.

According to reports the highest number of people who were reported to have committed suicide was between the ages of 40 and 55.

Police cited the break-up of love affairs and marriages, addiction to drugs and alcohol, family disputes, mental disorder and the death of loved ones as some of the common reasons for committing suicide.

Police Headquarters said according to the data they had, nearly 3,864 people had committed suicide in 2010 while last year it was 3,770.

Several volunteer organizations with the help of the police have taken steps to rehabilitate people who are depressed, lonely and helpless or suffer from suicidal tendencies.

Police anyone found guilty of having influenced another to commit suicide would be charged under the Penal Code and is liable to be sentenced to death.(Supun Dias)

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