Colombo appropriates lands, constructs Buddhist viharas in Kuchchave’li

The Sri Lankan Department of Archaeology is engaged in constructing Buddhist Viharas in lands appropriated from Tamil and Muslim villagers at Kuchchave’li DS division of Trincomalee district. The appropriation of lands and the construction of the Buddhist temples is taking place with the backing of the occupying Sri Lanka Army. Foundation stone was laid on Friday for the construction of a Buddhist Vihara on the top of a hill that is situated at Karadimalai, along the sea coast just where a police station is Kuchchave’li police station.

The name board for the new Vihara was unveiled in the presence of the officers of the SL military at the ceremony held on Friday with the participation of several Buddhist monks from the south.

During the war there was a camp of the Sri Lanka Navy close to the old rest house building in Kuchchave’li. There was no Buddhist Vihara or Buddhist statue in the area.

At the bottom of the hill, a Pillaiyar Kovil was in existence, the residents of the area said.

Some officials of the SL Department of Archaeology claimed there was a Buddhist shrine in the area.

The SL military is also appropriating lands in Kuchchave’li village.

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