Uprooted Tamils in Champoor live in camps under flood water

Uprooted Champoor Tamil families numbering about 1,250 are undergoing untold sufferings in temporary shelters due to ongoing heavy rain and strong winds. Temporary shelters situated in Kaddai-pa’richchaan, Ki’liveddi, Manatcheanai and Paddiththidal are under flood waters and the latrines are submerged in the water, according to C. Thandayuthapani, the opposition leader in the Eastern Provincial Council (EPC).

Mr.Thandayuthapani of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) paid a visit to Moothoor East and inspected the conditions of uprooted Tamil families sheltered in camps.

He said uprooted families now live in the camps without dry ration relief for the last several months as a ‘punishment’ by the Colombo government for their refusal to move out to alternative sites offered by the occupying Sri Lanka Army.

The uprooted families are deprived of livelihood and their children are suffering from several illnesses without medical assistance.

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