SL Colonial governor uses 30 million rupees on 3 day conference in Jaffna

While thousands of uprooted people are suffering without access to their homes and properties, 35 to 40 million rupees of the money belonging to Northern Provincial Council (NPC) has been used up for the 15th meet of SL governors held in Jaffna from Wednesday to Friday, media sources in Jaffna accused. Uthayan daily, in a report published on Thursday said 30 million rupees had been already used up. Former SL military commander of Jaffna, Maj. Gen. (retd) G.A. Chandrasiri, who is the colonial governor of North, controlling the entire activities of the NPC, has already used up more than 190 million rupees of the NPC money in building a modern bungalow for the governor.

The 15th Governors’ conference held in Jaffna, deployed all the facilities and staff of the NPC in a propaganda drive of G.A. Chandrasiri who projected himself as the ‘developer’ of North in the conference.

The common man in Jaffna, who was annoyed by the disturbance in traffic and security harassments, viewed the conference also as a cultural invasion that attempted to superimpose Sinhala cultural events on the public in Jaffna as the event overwhelmingly projected programmes from the South.

Tilco Jaffna City hotel, where Chandrasiri’s guests were staying, was fully under the control of the SL military establishment throughout the conference.

More than 1,500 persons were abducted and slain by the SL military in Jaffna during the times of G.A. Chandrasiri as the commander of the SL military head quarters in Jaffna.

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