Sri Lanka intensifies terror campaign against Tamil students

Genocidal Sri Lanka’s Criminal Investigation Department has officially informed the Vice Chancellor of the University of Jaffna to hand over 10 more students of the university, in addition to the three already in detention. The wanted list includes the leader of the student union, student leaders of the faculties and five students from the Medical Faculty. Meanwhile, following individual threats to the faculty Deans by the occupying SL military, the Dean of the Medical Faculty, along with some lecturers, attempt to take the five Medical Faculty students to the SL police. Colombo’s agents also pressurise the Medical Faculty to abandon the other faculties and to announce cancellation of the student protest through the Sinhala students admitted to the faculty.

The Dean of the Medical Faculty and two lecturers demand the students to abandon their protest, news sources in Jaffna said.

The latest move by the ‘Terrorist Division’ of the SL police comes after the SL military’s search for the student activists in all the districts of the Northern Province, as the students have gone into hiding.

Student activists demand a guarantee from the university administration against the SL military and police subjecting them under ‘terrorism’ charges, for the democratic struggle waged by them.

Once arrested under ‘terrorism’ charges the genocidal government could keep the students indefinitely under detention and intimidate the future generations of Tamil students forever.

The entire viciousness of the genocidal state stems from the policies of the US-led West and India that continue to keep the ‘terrorism’ tag on the righteous struggle of Eezham Tamils, political observers in the island said.

The International Crisis Group (ICG) in its latest report on the island accused TamilNet for frequently criticising the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) “for moderation allegedly imposed by the Indian and US governments.”

The current realities have prompted even the TNA parliamentarians to call for international youth action to the edification of these governments.

Sections of Tamil media in the diaspora that never see dictates that come from the Western establishments, their groups and foundations, but worry only about ‘instructions’ that come from Tamil Nadu politicians say that the TNA is the mandated leadership of Tamils in the island. But after the university incidents, the TNA this week, in a united voice with other political forces and civil groups, have requested the youth of Tamil Nadu to come to help, political observers in the island said.

“The defeated Tamils should settle down with whatever that is given to them by Colombo” was a slogan hatched immediately after the war by the genocidal state and by its abetters. Last week, citing what had happened at the Jaffna University, TNA parliamentarian E. Saravanabhavan said he had no doubt that this is what would happen even when Tamils accept whatever that is given.

During the last week of October, at the Trincomalee campus of the Eastern University in the country of Eezham Tamils, the Sinhala students admitted there went to the extent of attacking and injuring fellow Tamil students allegedly over a missing Buddha poster pasted on the university bus.

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