Shame on Norway for being silent on Sri Lanka: Red party leader backing Jaffna students

Addressing the youth demonstrators in front of the Norwegian parliament on Tuesday, protesting the SL military atrocities committed on the Jaffna University students, the leader of the Norwegian Red Party and an elected representative of the Norwegian Council of Eezham Tamils (NCET), Bjørnar Moxnes, said: “Norway has had a special role as facilitator of the peace process till 2008. This gives us a special responsibility. Unfortunately, the Red-Green government of Norway has chosen to be very silent against Sri Lanka. This is a shame for Norway.” During this week, demonstrations showing solidarity with the Jaffna University students took place in 7 countries, Canada, Norway, UK, Australia, Switzerland, France and Germany.

Bjørnar Moxnes addressing the participants of the candlelight vigil protest held in Oslo on Tuesday

The demonstrations were participated by students who called upon the global community to immediately recognize the nation, territoriality and right to self-determination of Tamils in order to ensure their safety and democratic rights.
Speaking further at the Oslo demonstration Mr. Moxnes said: “The Red party is of the opinion that Norway should take the initiative to an independent investigation. The Sri Lankan government, which is party to the crime, could of course not be expected to investigate their own crimes. We have to take initiative to a separate UN-appointed court to indict those responsible of the crime.”

In another demonstration held at Bergen in Norway, Green Party politician Sondre Båtstrand said: “We must fight for our fellow students; a peaceful protest should be received with dialogue and discussion, not arrest. We demand that the four students who were taken prisoners be released and the students’ safety is maintained in the future."




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