Colombo ignores flood affected Tamils in Trincomalee in providing relief

Colombo government has been ignoring to provide relief to people affected by the flood in Tamil District Secretariat divisions in Trincomalee district.Thirteen DS divisions have been affected by flood by rain and spill water from tanks. But flood relief and other assistance are being provided to people in Sinhala DS divisions Gomarankadawela, Padavi Siripura and Seruwila. No such relief has been provided to Tamils affected by flood in Moothoor East and those uprooted people from Champoor now being sheltered in temporary tents.

The names and other details of those Tamil people affected by flood were collected by village level officers and were handed over to respective DS officers.

The Tamil people of Champoor who were uprooted from the traditional lands in Champoor area six years ago due to SL military operation, have been worst hit by the floods in their displaced localities.

But the Sri Lankan Government Agent, who is a retired SL military commander of Major General rank, had told his officials that he could only for providing relief if they had been displaced physically due to bad weather

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