Colombo militarizes civil administration in Tamil DS divisions of Ampaa’rai

The establishment of three new camps of the occupying Sri Lanka Army (SLA) in three Tamil Divisional Secretariat divisions, Aalaiyadivempu, Naavithanve’li and Thirukkoayil of the Ampaa’rai district has caused tension and fear among the population as a part of militarization of civil administration, civil sources in Ampaa’rai told TamilNet.

Two new SLA camps were set up on last week, one along Ramakrishna School road at Aalaiyadivempu and in a private land at Vealadi compound in Naavithanve’li, where the LTTE had its camp earlier. The owners of the said private land are currently exiled in UK.

Almost a month ago, a new camp of the SLA was opened at the old office building of the Thirukkoayil Divisional Secretariat despite a permanent army camp is already functioning at Ka’l’lith-theevu.

Informed sources told TamilNet that Colombo government is deploying the occupying SLA also with the cover of a military gala event called “Deyata Kirula”, which is to be held later in 2013 at Kaadiyal in Ampaa’rai district.

Civil sources view the setting up of new SLA camps in the district as a form of militarization of civil administration of Tamil areas.

The SL military is also hijacking ‘development’ projects which are meant to be undertaken by the civic bodies such as Divisional Secretariat and Piratheasa Chapai (PS).

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