SL military presence beefed up in Trincomalee

The Sinhala unitary State of Sri Lanka, preparing to ‘celebrate’ its 65th Independence Day in the occupied country of Eezham Tamils on February 04, has put Trincomalee city and its suburbs on red alert under the direction of SL Defence Secretary and presidential sibling Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, news sources in Trincomalee said. Meanwhile nineteen schools in the Trincomalee education zone are to be closed down from January 28 till February 4 in order to give accommodation to additional military personnel brought down to Trincomalee from other parts of the island.

Every household in the city and adjacent areas is visited by SL police and Sri Lanka Army soldiers to ‘ascertain’ that no new faces except the real householders reside in the houses.

Chief occupants are advised not to entertain new guests in their houses or to rent out.

The SLA has also launched foot patrolling in strategic areas in the city.

Sri Lankan authorities with the assistance of the Trincomalee Urban Council are working round the clock in giving a ‘face lift’ to the city by widening the main street of the town ahead of its schedule date and other road development works.

Trincomalee for the first time in 1965 witnessed a ‘Ceylon’ independence day organized by the then United National Party (UNP) government when it came power with the support of the Tamil Federal Party.

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