Rajapaksa ad says Tamils are happy about IA at Hambantota

While even the flights to India from the Palaali airport became non-operational for the last 35 years, a newspaper advertisement of Colombo government in Sinhala this week showed a person dressed as a Tamil father, standing against a background of palmyra palms, telling that he is ‘happy’ about the Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport at Hambantota, since his son has found a job there. When the Sinhalese workforce brought from the South are grabbing every single job in new infrastructure projects in the North-East and while the Tamil lands are kept under military occupation, the state propaganda paints a picture of a ‘Happy Tamil’ who even manages to get jobs at the development projects in the deep south, commented media sources in the island.

Rajapaksas_paper_ad_102702_445A day full of happiness – A blooming future:

“After a war which dragged on for many years, we all are now living happily. The happiness increased when my eldest son got a job at Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport. What else there to be happy about other than seeing our children living peacefully in the country? I am planning to go there soon with my son to have a look at the new airport and its’ surroundings.”

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