German Kurdish federation demands justice for Tamil genocide, condemns powers

YEK-KOM, a Germany based federation of numerous Kurdish organizations, demanding justice for the genocide of the Eezham Tamil nation, condemned the world powers who rejected “the just demands of the Tamil people, turned their backs and have instead supported a military solution” in a solidarity statement sent on the occasion of Mu’l’livaaykkaal Remembrance Day. Emphasising the need for the state terror against the Tamils in the homeland to be halted, the federation further called on the German government and the European Union to “take diplomatic measures and exert pressure on the Sri Lankan government till the self-determination of the Tamils is recognized.” They also called for revoking the ban on the LTTE in the EU to ensure equality of parties and for a just peace.

PDF: Statement by YEK- KOM

Calling for international community to break its silence on the Tamil massacre, the statement called on the world to bring the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity to justice.

Noting the parallels between the Tamil and the Kurdish national struggles, the statement asserted that both were movements against assimilation and destruction.

Criticizing the international support for a military solution against the Tamils, the statement said “In the public world of the genocide of Tamils is still ignored. This must change!”

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