SL military, Mannaar GA blamed for sabotaging seminar on land resources

The occupying Sri Lankan military, with the help of the SL Government Agent of Mannaar district has blocked Tamil officials employed in the civil administration from attending a seminar organized by the Centre for Human Rights and Development with the support of the Citizen Committee of Mannaar on Saturday, according to Mr D.P. Sinnathurai, the secretary of the Citizen Committee in Mannaar. The seminar, which was to be held on matters relating to land resources, was intended for the officials working at government departments.

Initially, invitations had been extended to all officials of Mannaar District Secretariat and Divisional Secretariats.

However, the occupying SL military had intervened and instructed the civil officials through the Government Agent of Mannaar, not to attend the seminar.

In turn, the Sri Lankan GA in Mannaar, a Sinhalese, has also instructed his Additional Government Agent not to allow the officials to participate, according to the news sources in Mannaar.

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