Sinhala paramilitary steps up land appropriation in border villages of East

A retired Sinhala police officer and his son who is currently employed in the Sinhala paramilitary ‘Civil Defence Force’, operate as key persons in appropriating lands by force from Eezham Tamils from the villages of Kevu’liyaa-madu and Chuvaami-malai in Batticaloa district, say affected Tamils, whose lands have been occupied for Sinhalicisation, Buddhicisation and colonization by the Sinhalese from South. Sinhala officials in the bordering Ampaa’rai district are tasked to carry out the administrative side of the demographic genocide while the extremist Sinhala Buddhist Bodu Bala Sena (Buddhist Power Force) is deployed in bringing in hardcore Sinhala nationalists from the South to occupy the appropriated lands by offering an attractive assistance of 100,000 rupees per family.

Already, 140 acres of lands have been forcefully occupied by Colombo deploying the CDF paramilitary in both the villages.

The retried SL police officer named Podisinghe, who served in Moneragala district, and his son, known as Bandula, reside at Vellaave’li in the Batticaloa district.

In the meantime, overstepping into the affairs of Batticaloa district, the Sinhala officials of Ampaa’rai district have put up a brand new carpet road to Chuvaami-malai.

The name of the village has also been changed to Booja-boomi.

Tamil villagers complain that they are being threatened and chased away by the CDF men occupying their lands.

The paramilitary force CDF was earlier known as Home Guards deployed by SL military to chase out Tamil villagers from their houses and lands. It is now organized under the SL Civil Security Department.

The CDF paramilitary, consisting of more than 40,000 Sinhala personnel operates primarily in the border villages from Ampaa’rai to Vavuniyaa. It is deployed as a protection and advancing mechanism of Colombo in the ongoing demographic genocide committed on the country of Eezham Tamils.

Provided with a 30-day training by the SL military, the CDF personnel are paid by the SL State and are provided with arms and military uniforms.

The SL Civil Security Department, officially defines the territory of CDFs operations as ‘threatened villages’ in Kathirkaamam, Moneragala, Ampaa’rai, Maha Oya, Horowpathana (Anuradhapura), Trincomalee, Gomarankadawala, Willachiya, Kebithigollewa, Vavuniyaa, Medawachchiya and Welioya (Ma’na’l-Aa’ru in Mullaith-theevu, Vanni).

The occupying Colombo’s so-called Civil Security Department also officially states the present and future role of the CDF paramilitary as running more than 600 ‘agriculture’ projects, ‘conducting’ primary schools, assisting the SL Department of Archeology in ‘restoring archeological sites’, training of ‘private security personnel’ and carrying out ‘special tasks’ given by the SL Ministry of Defence.

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