India’s housing in un-freed land facilitates Sinhalicisation

Batticaloa district Tamil National Alliance parliamentarian Mr P Selvarasa has warned that the occupying Colombo government has planned to grab several houses allocated under the Indian aid for war-affected Tamil families in the Eastern Province especially in Batticaloa district to be handed over to Sinhalese who are being brought down to the Batticaloa district from the South. The ultimate culprit that makes the housing meaningless is the Indian policy of not recognising or freeing the land of Eezham Tamils for them. If the policy is tacit support to demographic genocide, the result will be a Palestinian crisis for Eezham Tamils in the island. What has to be primarily addressed is the policy of New Delhi, commented activists of alternative politics in the East.

The TNA parliamentarian Selvarasa, briefing the media this week, said that the TNA would not allow such illegal handing over of houses under the Indian-aid to Sinhalese encroachers.

“We will not allow the Indian house aid scheme to be used for housing the newly settled Sinhalese families in the district. We have brought this situation to the notice of the district Government Agent”, Mr Selvarasa said.

Under the 50-thousand Indian housing scheme for the war-affected families, four thousand houses are allocated for the Eastern Province.

Two thousand houses would be constructed in Batticaloa district, one thousand houses in Trincomalee district and the balance 1000 houses in the Ampaa’rai district.

Now, the Colombo authorities are diverting a section of these houses to colonisers from the South.

India building houses without recognising the right of Eezham Tamils to their land and home, and without recognising the sovereignty of their nation, would be meaningless like what is now happening in the East. It would only lead to Palestinisation and perpetual crisis, commented activists of alternative politics in the East.

The TNA, rather than telling that they would not allow Indian houses going to Sinhalese, should be able to tell India itself to its face to first change its policies towards the nation of Eezham Tamils and make their land free, so that they could live in their houses in peace, the activists further said.

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