AI compromising with UK’s CHOGM participation condemned

The Amnesty International opts out outright denouncement of the UK for its decision to participate the CHOGM meet hosted by genocidal Sri Lanka, by suggesting that the UK should make use of the meet to put pressure on Sri Lanka on international investigation of war crimes and on rectifying general ‘human rights’ situation in the island, commented a Tamil activist for alternative politics in Jaffna. The Amnesty International that doesn’t recognize the genocide and the on-going structural genocide committed on the nation of Eezham Tamils, and that doesn’t demand action or investigation on the crux of the matter, but tucks everything into a general human rights situation to imply endorsement to the integrity of the genocidal State, is just a partner in the game, the activist said.

Further comments from the activist for alternative politics in Jaffna follow:

The most serious crime against the norms of entire humanity that takes place in the island is the genocidal annihilation of a nation, planned and facilitated essentially by the International Community of Establishments.

The nature and magnitude of the genocidal crime, and the adamant cum sophisticated ways in which the crime is committed as a model for future world domination, are treacherously shielded by the lip-service calls for ‘international investigation of war crimes’ and improvement of general ‘human rights’ situation, treating the island as one unit and treating the nation that commits the genocide and that faces the genocide on a par.

The Head of the AI’s policy and government affairs in the UK, projecting the crisis in the island from the vantage of tourism, general human rights, general freedom of expression and general failure of judiciary is just a part of the sophisticated game detracting what has to be actually done on the island –partition to prevent genocide and to prevent genocide becoming a world paradigm of the greedy Establishments.

What the AI says now doesn’t significantly differ from what the UK Establishment was saying in defence of its decision to participate the CHOGM.

The UK-PM choosing not to attend the CHOGM is action, but his going, patting on the back of Colombo and advising something is appeasement.

For the general nature of human rights break down cited by the AI, there won’t be a single country in the Commonwealth, including the UK fit enough to conduct the CHOGM. The real hero of humanity in this century, Snowden has exposed enough of the partnership of the UK in infiltrating the communication privacy right of humanity.

What is actually different in the island is the paradigm-setting genocide. But it is never cited in reasoning out the call for boycotting the CHOGM.

The so-called watchdogs of humanity like the Amnesty International subtly appeasing with the CHOGM decision of the Establishment in the UK, and thus indirectly appeasing with the genocidal State of Sri Lanka, only shows the crumpling of the international organisations from the UN downwards.

Britain’s appeasement with Japan and Italy, when there were aggressions against the nations of Manchuria and Abyssinia, was primarily responsible for the collapse of The League on Nations, the predecessor of the United Nations.

The USA and the UK appeasing with, or perhaps steering and facilitating, the genocide committed by Sri Lanka on the nation of Eezham Tamils (which never did anything against the two powers, but was always looking upon them as saviours), is a first of its kind treachery that will uniquely mark the collapse of trustworthiness in the current international system. Peoples in the West should scrutinize where their Establishments and the second fiddles like the Amnesty International are heading for.

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