Parliamentarians banned while military stages programmes in schools in North

A circular sent to schools in the Northern Province of the country of Eezham Tamils at the orders of the occupying governor of the Sinhala State, Maj. Gen. G.A. Chandrasri aimed at banning Tamil parliamentarians participating any school programmes in the province. The circular dated 20 June and signed by Education, Culture and Sports Secretary, S. Sathiaseelan, functioning under the Sinhala governor, said that without prior permission from the SL governor, no function could take place in the schools in which parliamentarians participate. The target is the TNA-MPs, public circles said. Meanwhile, schools in Vanni, especially the Ki’linochchi High School, have become permanent programme centres for the occupying Sinhala military, said TNA-MP Mr Sritharan.

The SL military treats the Vanni schools as though it has taken them for lease, said the TNA parliamentarian, citing the kind of ‘exhibitions’ and carnivals run by the occupying military in the schools affecting the studies of Tamil children.

While Tamil parliamentarians attending Tamil schools is considered a threat, the habit of Sinhala military personnel occupying Vanni publicly taking bath in their underwear in the school wells, embarrassing girl students, is not an issue to the SL governor, the TNA-MP further said, citing such practices taking place at the Ki’linochchi Mahaa Viththiyaalayam.

The Chandrasri Circular sent to Northern schools threatened the school principals that stern action would be taken against them if their schools were found to be the venue for any unpermitted meetings or discussions participated by politicians.

The circular sent through the circuit education officers to the school principals in the North, insisted that the circuit education officers should get acknowledgements from the principals within 3 days.

The genocidal Sinhala military in Sri Lanka is groomed as a model for the new world order, especially by India and the USA. They may ditch anyone but not this military. The success of their entire operations of the last few years lies in making Tamils to accept this military as part of ‘normal’ life. There is no point in targeting this lascarin military if the Tamil polity is not prepared to wage a non-cooperation struggle directly against the real masters, commented Tamil circles for alternative politics in Vanni.

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