Albright-Williamson report paves way for further injustice to Eezham Tamils

The “United States and R2P” report authored by Madeleine K. Albright, former US Secretary of State, and Richard S. Williamson, former US presidential special envoy to Sudan, paves way for further injustice to the genocide-affected nation of Eezham Tamils, by harping on “national reconciliation” of the genocidal State of Sri Lanka and by harping on helping the genocidal government to respond to the needs of “all communities” in the so-called country, commented Tamil activists for alternative politics in the island. The deliberate flaw in the report stems from the stand of not recognising the genocide in the war and the genocidal intent of the Sinhala State decades before the war and the years following the war, the activists said.

Further comments from the Tamil activists for alternative politics in the island:

PDF: The United States and R2P

The report is only partly truthful when it says that the International Community has “neglected its responsibility to take timely action when it was apparent that violations of humanitarian law were taking place”, during the Vanni War.

But this is only a pointless post-mortem, when the report fails in recognizing the genocide, and comes out with recommendations contrary to any future timely action righteous to the context, even when it is apparent that there is an accelerated postwar structural genocide following the genocidal war.

No report makers with a background of the Establishments in the West have ever been orientated to investigate the genocidal angle of the decades-old conflict in the island.

The report just saying, “For over twenty-five years, the conflict in Sri Lanka pitted the army against the separatist insurgency of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE),” is not doing justice to the study of the conflict.

Such report makers coming from the very Establishments of the so-called International Community that not unknowingly ‘neglected’ its responsibilities, continue not unknowingly neglecting responsibilities in setting the future agenda, so that the original aim of the ‘negligence’ will be fulfilled.

It was such report makers who led to the international-abetted Mu’l’livaaykkaal genocide. The present report makers are no different in leading to the completion of the genocide structurally, when they talk of ‘national reconciliation’ and needs of ‘all communities’ in an apparent and chronic genocidal context, that too when one nation is militarized to the teeth and the other has been made totally unarmed.

While the writers of the Indian Establishment detract due justice in crude ways by talking of the need to appease with the opposition of the Sinhalese to federalism, and adding to that, the need to extract “iron-clad” guarantees against any future Tamil demand for separation, the writers of the US Establishment come out with worse in sophisticated ways.

Perhaps it is the sophistication that makes many a gullible in the diaspora to think that Washington is better than New Delhi. Several outfits have been engineered in the West to keep the diaspora under that illusion and to prevent any challenging uprising.

While an opinion gang-up is thus being polarised by the Establishment writers, the diaspora is not merely silent but some among it even imply appreciation by highlighting substance-less admissions and deceptions as positive developments.

The activists in the diaspora fail in countering the ‘opinion-genocide’, especially when it comes from the USA, as they failed in confronting the LLRC-based, US-tabled, Geneva resolution.

In the given context of twist of justice by the powers, the military-less global Tamils should never forget that unless mass action, especially with the help of Tamil Nadu, brings in geopolitical compulsions, nothing could be achieved democratically, if the Tamils care for a democratic struggle.

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