Desecration of Saiva temples goes unabated in Vanni

Two Saiva temples at Tharmapuram in Ki’linochchi district were burgled for the eighth time last Sunday, news sources in Ki’linochchi said. All the statues of Pi’l’laiyar koayil and Ampaa’l koayil, located between Tharmapuram and Neththali-aa’ru were destroyed and valuable jewelleries attached to the statues have been removed.

The managements of the temples have brought the crimes to the notification of the Sri Lankan Police. But, the SL Police was reluctant to visit the temples to witness the level of desecration.

The act of desecration indicated that the culprits were not merely thieves, but someone subscribed to the Buddhicisation policy of the Colombo government.

Saiva devotees in Tharmapuram further allege that there are elements among the occupying SL military, seeking to construct a Buddhist vihara in Tharmapuram.

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