SL military, police disturb reubuilding Saiva temple in Ampaa’rai

The occupying military of Sri Lanka and the SL police Changkaman-ka’ndi have threatened the administration of the ancient temple to stop the reconstruction of the temple on Saturday. After the SL military and police banned the administration from re-building the ancient temple, the archeology department of the occupying Colombo has installed stones at the premises of the temple claiming the area as its property.

The interference by the SL military, police and SL archaeology department has highly disturbed the Saiva devotees and the temple management, says temple secretary Somasundaram Sundaramoorthy.

The resettled Tamils decided to initatiate the reconstruction of the temple two years ago as they had witnessed the destruction of the ancient temple, which is situated at 200 feet height between two other temples, Veethip-pi’l’laiyaar and Kaaddup-pi’l’laiyaar temples.

The rebuilding, which has been going on for more than one year, has reached its final phase when the SL military interfered into the affairs of the temple, the temple management further said.

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