Wigneswaran bares agenda of his sponsors

Mr C.V. Wigneswaran, the Chief Minister candidate the TNA was prodded to field by the Establishments, found The Hindu on Thursday to bare open what would be his political agenda once given with a ‘mandate’ by a choice-less people, commented Tamil activists for alternative politics in the island. Speaking to The Hindu, and comparing the island situation to a husband and wife fight at home, Wigneswaran addressed to Tamil Nadu that “We will fight, but sometimes we come together. The next-door neighbour must not come and say ‘you must divorce, you must divorce’. That is not your business.” Will the former justice come out with a similar stricture on Washington, New Delhi and Beijing that are in complicity with the spouse murdering dominant spouse, asked the activists.

CV_Wigneswaran_Aug_2013 Like telling to Tamil Nadu that it is none of its business to talk about secession, will the Justice be able to equally tell especially the West and India that it is none of their business to tell a nation to stop talking about independence, the activists asked.

According to Wigneswaran, when politicians in Tamil Nadu say separation is the only solution, the Sinhalese masses – many sections of which fear that Tamils would collaborate with India and form a separate State – get very annoyed.

“We get affected by what is being said there,” Wigneswaran told The Hindu, as though the genocidal Sinhala State would keep quiet if nothing is said in Tamil Nadu.

Wigneswaran echoes the orchestration that is being carried out at the behest of the ultimate culprits of Tamil genocide, the activists for alternative politics said.

They cited at the Norwegian Ambassador in Colombo telling exactly the same thing to the diaspora two weeks ago, which was denounced by the democratically elected Norwegian Council of Eezham Tamils. Wigneswaran now comes to the defence of the orchestration by addressing the same thing at Tamil Nadu, the activists commented.

Wigneswaran has the courage to talk in this way, because he is confident to the core that the Eezham Tamils in the island trapped by the guided polity of the TNA, have no choice other than voting for him. But actually there is not much difference between him and Mr Douglas Devananda, who some times back proclaimed that ‘collaboration’ is the trend of the times, the activists said.

Mr. Sumanthiran and Mr Sampathan were chosen for a long time to lay such a trap, and Wigneswaran has been planted at a right time. If even before getting elected Wigneswaran is talking like this, imagine how he would make himself useful to the agenda of the Establishments when he could cite the votes casted for him as a ‘mandate’, commented the activists.

In the judgement of the Establishments, Colombo-centric minds are the best bet for their agenda. Right from the colonial times the West was quite familiar and comfortable in handling the Colombo-centric minds among the Tamils. We had a Sir. P. Ramanathan who never wanted the Tamils in the island to get involved with the freedom struggle in India, saying that the situation in the island was different.

Even after ditched by the British and the Sinhala leaders, Ramanathan was still hanging on to the Colombo-centric hopes. A Youth Congress had to come to challenge his polity. People appreciated the Youth Congress but they were not mobilised. Had we actively participated in the anti-imperialist Indian liberation movement along with Tamil Nadu, we would have been in a better position to negotiate at the time of the so-called independence, the activists for alternative politics said.

After Independence Tamil people looked upon India, but leaders were Colombo-centric and orientated to the West. Through some elements the legacies continued even within the militant struggle. People were ditched by India in 1987. India and West ditched both the people and the leaders in 2009.

When Tamils without a State are a targeted people by all the imperialists, and when we have to wage a global struggle as global Tamils, here we now go again with a silk-clad Wigneswaran, the activists said.

Perhaps two factors that were not there earlier are the diaspora and Tamil Nadu. It depends much on how the two factors, especially the younger generation of them, are going to respond to the challenges of the times, the activists further said.

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