Muslim village seized for Sinhalicisation in Ki’n’niyaa, Trincomalee

After keeping the Muslim residents of K’andal-kaadu village in Ki’n’niyaa division of Trincomalee district as uprooted people since 1990 and sabotaging their resettlement efforts after the war, the occupying SL military and Police are now blocking the villagers even from entering their village. The entire village and its paddy fields overgrown with bushes, is now being appropriated to construct a Sinhala settlement, complain the Muslim villagers who possess legal documents provided to them under the British rule. The Eastern Province Chief Minister, who is a Muslim from Ki’n’niyaa, has also failed to secure their village back to them, they say.

The entire Muslim population of around two thousand people were uprooted from their century old village in 1990 and fled to safety elsewhere leaving their lands and other properties.

The uprooted people were not allowed to resettle permanently in their lands thereafter.

But, huts were erected by a non-governmental organization.

In 2010, the Sri Lankan Police burned down these huts. The resettled people had left the village once again.

Now the occupying Sri Lanka Army and Police are not allowing uprooted people to resettle in the village.

The Sri Lankan military has also destroyed the mosque in the village.

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