SL military expands military cantonment in VVT, Jaffna

Colombo’s ruling UPFA alliance, during the recent election campaign promised the people of Valveddith-thu’rai (VVT) in Jaffna that the SL military would be vacating from more than 50 houses at VVT junction, which have been occupied since 1996. But, on Sunday, the occupying Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) has expanded the occupation, seizing more lands to the north of VVT junction and up to the sea, says former parliamentarian and TELO politician K. Sivajilingam. The SL military even attacked the fishermen, who had entered the 1 km long coastal stretch, Mr Sivajilingam further said.

The people from more than 52 houses at the vicinity of VVT Junction were chased away from Valveddith-thu’rai in 1996 and the occupying Sri Lanka Army (SLA) of the 52 Division has established a camp at the junction at the same year.

The SL military personnel have fenced almost 1 km of coastal stretch with barbed wires.

The occupying Colombo has been silently seizing lands along the Northern and Eastern coastal areas in the recent months.

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