Occupying SLAF demands money from people to access their beach in Trincomalee

The Sri Lankan Air Force, which had appropriated the popular Marble Beach in 2001 at the southern tip of Trincomalee under the pretext of providing ‘high security’ to the SL Air Force base at China Bay, has transformed it into a military run corporate outfit after the war, naming it ‘Marble Beach Air Force Resort’. The occupying SL Air Force has now started to charge money from the public to even access that limited area, civil sources in Trincomalee said.

The occupying SLAF personnel harass the people visiting their beach to pay 20 rupees each to ‘Air Force Command Welfare Fund’.

The ‘Marble Beach Air Force Resort’ was declared opened by the SL president Mahinda Rajapaksa in March 2011.

In the beginning, the SLAF said it allowed people of Trincomalee to access an ‘open area’ in the beach, but now the entire beach has been under the administrative control of the occupying SL military.

Legal sources in Trincomalee alleged that the occupying Sri Lankan Air Force had also violated the Sri Lankan parliamentary act called Coast Conservation Act (Act No. 57 of 1981), in appropriating the beach and making it into a military run corporate property.

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