SL military blamed for brutal gang rape, murder at Jaffna suburb

Women rights activists in Jaffna have blamed the occupying Sri Lankan military for yet another brutal rape and murder of a mentally affected woman in Jaffna this month. The accusation comes in the wake of the brutal killing of a war-displaced Tamil woman from Nelukku’lam, Vavuniyaa, who was being looked after by the Holy Family Convent in Jaffna and reported missing since October 03. She was recovered dead on Thursday at the temple chariot park site of Naachchimaar koayil, which is frequently used by the SL military, according to the residents of the area. The temple is situated on KKS Road, just 1 km from the city of Jaffna. The residents of the area staged a protest against the killing on Friday. In the meantime, another woman has been reported missing in Jaffna according to woman rights activists.

Medical sources in Jaffna confirmed on Saturday that the slain woman had been subjected to brutal gang rape. She was killed following a head injury caused by a sharp weapon. The culprits had also destroyed the face of the victim to make the identification impossible.

The victim was identified as 47-year-old Markandu Yogarany, who was residing in Jaffna with her relatives.

Ms Yogarany was mentally affected following the Vanni war.

The Holy Family Convent had complained to the SL Police on 04 October about the missing patient.

The decomposed body of the slain victim was recovered after the residents near the Naachchimaar koayil temple complained of strong odour coming from the temple chariot site.

Several mentally ill women have been subjected to gang rape and killed at different locations in the SL military occupied country of Eezham Tamils.

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