Anglican priest receives death threat following reports of mass grave in Trincomalee

The occupying Sri Lankan military has issued death threats to Rev Fr. N. Prabahar, an Anglican Priest who resides close to Trincomalee harbour, after an alleged mass grave site has been concealed by the SL military at Makeasvara playgrounds in the stadium premises. The mass grave was discovered on 13 February. In the meantime, an NGO activist in Trincomalee, who didn’t wish to be named, said there were at least 15 skeletal remains in the alleged mass grave.

Solid evidences have been provided to the drafting countries of the Human Rights Council resolution in Geneva. But, there has been no mention on the existence of alleged mass grave in Trincomalee, the NGO activist said. The SL military is doing whatever it can to hide the existence of the mass grave, the activist complained.

In the meantime, the Anglican priest Prabahar has also been threatened to project the mass grave site as a cemetery site, the sources close to the priest told TamilNet.

Three teams of Sri Lankan military establishment, first some operatives claiming to be from the Police CID, then from ‘National Intelligence Bureau’ and at last by a Special Task Force (STF) commander, have been harassing the priest, the sources further said.

The Sri Lankan military and the SL police have been blocking the journalists from witnessing what was going on inside the mass grave in Trincomalee.

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