Tamils protest against New Delhi’s invitation to Rajapaksa

Tamil Nadu Tamils took to the streets protesting against New Delhi inviting the president of genocidal Sri Lanka to the swearing in ceremony on Monday. The General Secretary of MDMK Vaiko led a protest at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi condemning the invitation extended to the genocide accused SL president, whose presence was ‘polluting the sanctity’ of Modi’s swearing in ceremony. Protesters across Tamil Nadu burnt the effigies of SL President Mahinda Rajapaksa. The entire Tamil Nadu was on protest as the Chief Minister and key leaders of political parties have strongly opposed the invitation extended to the SL president.

Vaiko had personally met the Indian Prime Minister Elect Narendra Modi and BJP president Rajnath Singh urging them to reconsider the decision to invite the SL president. On Tuesday, Mr Vaiko and his supporters were detained for defying the prohibition on protests. Other BJP alliance parties from Tamil Nadu, including PMK (Anpumani Ramadoss) and DMDK (actor Vijaykanth) were present at the swearing in ceremony, even though they too projected to Tamil Nadu people that they were opposed to inviting Mahinda Rajapaksa to the ceremonial event.

Tamil Nadu students and all the activist parties and movements that have been voicing support to Eezham Tamils were in the forefront waging protests across the State.

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu was particular in demonstrating the sentiments of the people of State with a strong statement and by staying away from the event.













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