India should call for genocide investigation, referendum: Jayalalithaa tells Modi

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Selvi Jayalalithaa, in a memorandum submitted to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has firmly reiterated the stand expressed in four Tamil Nadu State Asssembly resolutions, demanding the Indian government to move a UN resolution demanding investigations on Tamil genocide and a UN referendum on Tamil Eelam among the Tamils in the island as well as among those living outside the island. Selvi Jayalalithaa, who didn’t attend the swearing-in ceremony due to the controversial invitation extended to SL president Mahinda Rajapaksa, met Mr Narendra Modi at New Delhi presenting him the demands of Tamil Nadu in the 25 point memorandum where the genocide investigation and UN referendum on Tamil Eelam was the second point of the agenda.

Full text of the second point as formulated in the memorandum follows:


There are very strong sentiments amongst Tamils and in Tamil Nadu on a range of issues relating to India’s relations with the present regime in Sri Lanka in the aftermath of the final stages of the civil war in Sri Lanka, which was marked by an ethnic pogrom and genocide perpetrated on the Tamil minority in Sri Lanka. The Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly has already passed four Resolutions condemning the continuing discrimination against the Tamil minorities in Sri Lanka and violation of their human rights.

I request that India should sponsor a resolution in the United Nations condemning the genocide in Sri Lanka and to hold to account all those responsible for the genocide and thereby render justice to the Tamils in Sri Lanka. The resolution should also provide for holding a Referendum amongst Tamils in Sri Lanka and displaced Sri Lankan Tamils across the world for formation of a separate Tamil Eelam.

* * *

While welcoming the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister who has been consistent in reflecting the sentiments of the people of Tamil Nadu, Tamil political observes in the island blamed the elected Eezham Tamil politicians of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), other Tamil politicians from the island and in the diaspora for their grave failure in conveying the sentimental and political consequences of referring the nation of Eezham Tamils as a ‘minority’ and calling the Eezham Tamils ‘Sri Lankan Tamils’.

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