6,000 families in Poaratheevup-pattu, Batticaloa, suffer without potable water

2,219 Tamil civilians are still residing in temporary huts and 747 families lack permanent housing in 43 Village (GS) Divisions of Poaratheevup-pattu Divisional Secretariat (DS) division in Batticaloa district, according to Divisional Secretary N. Vilvaratnam. The families have suffered not only from the genocidal onslaught, but also from the seasonal flooding and draught. 5,602 families have no access to toilets, according to the statistics from the divisional secretary. “This is the development brought to Batticaloa by the genocidal State and its Mahinda Chinthana,” a Tamil official who didn’t wish to be named commented providing the figures to TamilNet on Monday.

After the SL military brought the entire district under its control seven years ago, the SL government and its paramilitary operatives waged a propaganda that they would be provided electricity supplies. Still 50.3% of the population has no access to electricity.

68.3% of the population in the division are without jobs. 28,162 persons have no jobs while 4,937 persons are dependent on daily earnings.

There has been no effort to start any industry to bring jobs to poverty-stricken division.

While ‘Sri Lanka’ claims to fall into the middle-income range set by the Bank’s World ‘Development Indicators’, Eezham Tamils, the country of Eezham Tamils, subjected to genocidal occupation in the North and East of the island has been severely affected by uneven disbursement of relief.

The Colombo government has been exploiting the so-called ‘development’ under ‘Mahinda Chintana’ to facilitate structural genocide in the North and East. The SL government has also deployed the political structures such as the provincial council system to accomplish the same agenda. The PC system has again proved its non-workability, the Tamil civil sources said.

In the meantime, Divisional Secretary of Ma’nmunai South (Eruvil-pattu) said 2,872 families in 45 GS divisions have no permanent housing. 6,900 families have no access to potable water and 5,257 families lack proper toilet facilities in the division, according to S. Gopalaratnam, the divisional secretary of Ma’nmunai South.

The villages reporting severe lack of such facilities are Maang-kaadu, Theaththaath-theevu, Maki’loor, Ka’luvaagnchik-kudi, Kuruma’n-ve’li and Onthaachchi-madam in Ma’nmunai South.

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