Vaiko condemns BJP’s ‘poisonous’ nexus with genocidal Sri Lanka

The General Secretary of MDMK, Mr Vaiko, on Tuesday condemned Indian participation at an annual military conference organized by genocidal Sri Lanka in August. The annual ‘Defence Seminar’ is conceived by the SL State as a gimmick venue to market its military corporatism project to the external forces under the banner of geo-strategic location of the island. Mr Vaiko has described Indian participation as ‘unpardonable‘, according to a news report by the Press Trust of India (PTI). The BJP government’s move to participate in the seminar comes after it rejected entry to the members of the UN panel appointed by UN Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) head Navanethem Pillay to conduct an inquiry into alleged war crimes and human rights violations by the SL government and its military forces.

It is shocking to learn that an Indian delegation, comprising senior military personnel, officials and BJP leaders will be participating in a defence conference being organized by Sri Lanka, Mr Vaiko, who had aligned with the BJP during the parliamentary elections, has stated in a press statement, according to the PTI report.

Mr Subramanian Swamy, a BJP leader known for malicious anti-Tamil project, is scheduled to address the concluding session of the Lascarine Seminar in Colombo, scheduled to be held for three days from 18th to 20th August, 2014.

The SL State regards the military-to-military relationships and participation of foreign political and military actors in the marketing seminar as gaining legitimacy to the SL military accused of genocide and war crimes.

Eezham Tamils view the occupying SL military not only as a genocidal military, but also as a ‘Lascarine’ force, which is re-enacting the services of the Sinhalese to European colonialism of the past, to today’s imperialists. Lascarine was a popular term in Sinhala to mean the local Sinhala soldiers who served the Portuguese and the Dutch.

US military officers have taken part in the seminars that have been organized after 2009 genocidal onslaught on Eezham Tamils.

The recognition given to SL military by Washington and New Delhi is interpreted by Eezham Tamils as continued abetment to protracted genocide against them, as the irreversible colonisation of the occupied homeland of Eezham Tamils and the structural genocide is spearheaded by genocidal Sri Lanka through militarization of North and East.

In the name of ‘geopolitical realities’, the Lascarines and the agent state in Colombo have been given with as much ‘time and space’ as possible, to complete a new colonial order in the island, through the protracted genocide on Eezham Tamils.

Tamil Nadu activists describe the rapport between the Hindu nationalist BJP personalities and the Sinhala-Buddhist chauvinist regime as a matter the natural coming together of ideological bedfellows.

Mr Vaiko has also condemned BJP functionary Seshadri Chari for a remark he had made recently in Singapore saying that India’s foreign policy cannot be determined by considering Tamil Nadu and West Bengal. Vaiko has described the remark as ‘poisonous’, the PTI reported further on Tuesday.

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