Political fundamentals cannot be surrendered to military requisites of imperialism

Five years of actual ground experience of Eezham Tamils since the Vanni War ending in genocide, is nothing but the thorough and accelerated militarisation of their land by the Sinhala military, carried out with active patronage coming from New Delhi, Washington and Beijing. Militarisation of this nature, that too by a historically proven genocidal State and by its military, is perhaps the most important reason, why the military-less nation of Eezham Tamils can’t expect any political solution working within a united island and that they should seek independence. Eezham Tamil individuals and forums in the diaspora hijacked by imperialisms of militaristic interest should think twice before telling that Tamils have given up the claim for their country.

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“Toning down its strident demand for Eelam, a section of the influential Tamil disapora, the British Tamil Forum, has said a political solution was more realistic than a separate Tamil land in Sri Lanka,” said Times of India on Tuesday, citing the British Tamil Forum’s (BTF) Human Rights Coordinator, Kana Nirmalan, and adding that the BTF has also sought for India playing a bigger role in the ‘Sri Lankan Tamils’ issue.

The gearing of the Mumbai-based Times of India group of media just before and after the BJP regime coming to power, as a replacement to the widely exposed Chennai-based The Hindu, in buttressing the genocidal State of Sri Lanka and in muffling the struggle of Eezham Tamils, has to be carefully perused.

The Hindu played a leading role using ex-LTTE Karuna, in divisive opinion making and in discrediting the militant struggle before the war. Following the war and after roping in the gagged TNA in the occupied country of Eezham Tamils, now the task is to get a section in the free diaspora to politically disown Tamil Eelam, ultimately to silence Tamil Nadu.

Divisive forces are already working in Tamil Nadu to make dissension overtake the political struggle. The Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) was formed in the USA, essentially to hijack and contain the concept of TGTE. Five years of its ‘sitting on the struggle’ should reveal the purposes behind the hijack. The BTF is now answerable, especially to the masses in the UK that have overwhelmingly voted for Tamil Eelam in a referendum in 2010.

The masses in the diaspora may have to be prepared for a course correction mission.

In a hushed response, appearing only in its website, the BTF has stated that its Human Rights coordinator Kana Nirmalan was misquoted by the Times of India. However, the damage has already been done and The Times of India is answerable to the controversy.

* * *

It should be understood that buying time and space to make the nation of Eezham Tamils accept the original intentions with which imperialisms waged the war in the island, through militarisation and completion of structural genocide carried out in the mean time, is more a priority to New Delhi and Washington than to Colombo.

Blocking even a weak international investigation as what New Delhi is doing and engaging Eezham Tamils in the uncertainties of a hoodwink investigation, as what Washington has designed – both are facets of the same game.

The nation of Eezham Tamils may not currently have a political leadership of statesmanship. But rather than evolving such a leadership and political struggle, no one has the right to surrender the righteous fundamentals of the struggle that have not been surrendered in the war, even under trying conditions.

The BTF seeking bigger role of India, is currently working on war crimes investigation, the Times of India report said. The New Delhi Establishment’s opposition to the war crimes investigation is well known.

The powers that were in complicity in the war, build their programmes centred more on the genocidal military and militarisation than on any regime in Colombo.

Therefore, the war crimes investigation is not going to stop the genocidal militarisation. New Delhi is now having a newly found ‘military to military relationship’ with the Sinhala military. Washington having deep-rooted connections with the Sinhala military withdrew the clause seeking the removal of the occupying military in the UNHRC resolution.

Both the powers are for a military-based engineering and an undeclared military regime in the island. World War scale Sinhala military cantonments and colonies are being set up at Palaali in Jaffna and at Trincomalee, in the military-less country of Eezham Tamils.

It is folly to expect that the imperialisms investing heavily on this militarisation are going to deliver criminal justice or political justice to Tamils, unless Tamils conceive an appropriate struggle strategy.

The show at Nalloor temple on Wednesday is a small but revealing example of the novel course curriculum designed by New Delhi and Washington and executed by Colombo on how to complete structural genocide through an occupying military. Even Israel could learn from Colombo. What the nation of Eezham Tamils in the island face today is a worse model than what it had faced under the Portuguese, Dutch and the British.

If New Delhi, Washington and Beijing want to have the Sinhala Lascarine military for their imperialistic exercises, let them have it in the territory of the nation of the Sinhalese. Eezham Tamils have no qualms of it and the Sinhala nation will take care of how its military should be used by the competitors, since that nation is not prepared to jointly address the unfolding global scenario by conceding the national rights and participation of the nation of Eezham Tamils.

But the Eezham Tamils cannot allow their territory being used by the powers deploying a genocidal military. It has to be carefully understood that accepting any solution hoodwink under Sri Lanka at this stage is accepting the imperialistic militarism designed by the ultimate culprits.

Addressing New Delhi’s and Washington’s refusal in recognising the national question of Eezham Tamils and addressing the imperialist design of the powers in handing over the country of Eezham Tamils to an occupying military for the genocidal unification of ‘Sri Lanka’, are more important than addressing the war crimes investigation. Surrendering the former for the latter is not ‘diplomacy’.

* * *

Delivering a speech at a defence conference of Sri Lanka this month, and appreciating the ‘finished to the end’ war of Sri Lanka military, BJP’s Strategic Action Committee chairman, Subramanian Swamy, asked that if the military had committed genocide as accused by Tamils, why had they voted for the former military commander Sarath Fonseka contesting Rajapaksa in the post-war presidential elections.

While it questions the struggle strategy of TNA not boycotting the elections and ridicules the TNA diplomacy guided by Washington and the then Congress New Delhi, the actual question what Tamils has to ask should be different.

If it is known that it was New Delhi, Washington and London that have actually conducted the genocidal war and are now continuing with the militarisation and on-going structural genocide, why should Tamils continue to dance to their tunes and be guided by them in seeking solutions?

Particularly since New Delhi is now in the forefront in coursing the structural genocide process, by containing the national liberation struggle of Eezham Tamils and by upholding the Colombo regime and its military, the question comes whether Subramaninan Swamy unconsciously tells Tamils that they should not to be in the camp of New Delhi, if they are really concerned about genocide?

The military line pursued especially by New Delhi will be remembered for generations in deciding what international military equations should be opted by Tamils when opportunities come.

Nehru’s New Delhi refused to accommodate Subhas Chandra Bose’s Indian National Army (INA) in the armed forces of independent India, saying that the INA was ‘politicised’. New Delhi destroyed Mukti Bahini of Bangladesh before the new State started functioning. That is the way States and imperialisms look at militant movements for liberation. But handing over the military-less nation of Eezham Tamils to genocidal militarisation of ‘Sri Lanka’ is the worst ever model of world polity conceived by today’s world powers, especially by New Delhi that has the biggest say on the region. After its 1987 defeat, New Delhi is now heading for another politico-military blunder by continuously harping on the military and unity of a wrong State in the island.

The Chennai-born Swamy of Madurai connections said in Colombo that he could not understand the mind of Tamils particularly in the north of the island. The Eezham Tamils are also puzzled over decades that why a section of their own, playing in the hands of others, should always have illusions of ‘Sri Lanka’, however genocidal it is, and that why a section particularly in the extreme south of India should always oppose the liberation of Eezham Tamils.

The question comes whether the large majority of Tamils is lethargic by nature or is deliberately kept under lethargy, preventing any uprising in course correcting the so-called ‘articulators’.

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