Genocidal Sri Lanka bans ‘foreigners’ visiting occupied Tamil Eelam

Colombo has banned ‘foreigners’ from visiting the island’s former war zone without permission to prevent ‘negative interventions’, media reports said on Wednesday, citing a statement of Colombo’s defence ministry run by SL presidential sibling Gotabhaya Rajapaksa. The move primarily targets the Eezham Tamil diaspora having the citizenship of various countries of the West and it equally targets the interaction of Eezham Tamils in the island. It is a master strategy of international imperialist dimensions to keep the genocide-facing Eezham Tamils shackled and submissive. While the Eezham Tamils in India can’t travel outside as they are kept as ‘refugees’ for decades, the target is now the free diaspora in the West, Tamil activists for alternative politics said.

There were misleading media reports that the ban implemented since last Friday, was intended only temporarily for Rajapaksa’s visit to the North early this week.

But Colombo’s defence ministry on Wednesday clarified that the ban is more a permanent measure. Foreigners need to obtain permission from defence authorities before visiting the North, said genocidal Sri Lanka’s military spokesperson Ruwan Wanigasooriya, speaking to reporters in Colombo.

New Delhi long implements such restrictions on foreigners visiting Kashmir and certain other ‘protected and restricted’ zones of India. But Colombo’s military measure is not just copying New Delhi (with which it has ‘military to military’relationship) in shielding from foreign exposures. The nakedly genocidal Sri Lanka actually targets the Tamil people belonging to the land from reaching out their kith and kin in the island, Tamil activists for alternative politics said.

New Delhi has long been listening to Colombo in banning entry to select Eezham Tamils and preventing their interaction with India and Tamils of Tamil Nadu.

Eezham Tamils in the diaspora having ‘Sri Lanka’ passport is always at the mercy of the genocidal regime in Colombo in facing the risks after landing, including the invalidation of passports, which Colombo has silently started doing while issuing new passports outside.

Colombo coming out with a list of banned diaspora Eezham Tamils numbering in hundreds is already known, but informed circles say that the real list is much more extensive.

While the chocking of Eezham Tamils takes place with the active complicity of New Delhi, there are people in the diaspora to go and declare in India that they would live under a ‘united Sri Lanka.’

Meanwhile, Genocidal Sri Lanka’s defence ministry tries to sound like the Establishments and media in the West talking about Muslim diaspora going to Syria.

According to Colombo’s defence spokesperson, the defence authorities had received credible information that some elements were trying to destabilize the North and create disharmony among ethnic communities of the country.

Whether it is an armed struggle or democratic struggle, they mean the same for those who are set on a genocidal course.

It is for such a ‘Sri Lanka’ the West and its agencies have been pressurising the Eezham Tamil diaspora since the end of the war, to go and collaborate in ‘development’.

The unfolding developments increasingly show that unless the imperialisms’ outlook for a single agent state in the island is targeted and changed, the conflict of nations in the island could never be resolved, the Tamil activists for alternative politics further said.

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