Colombo-New Delhi fundamentalism and US twist of national question

Genocidal Sri Lanka’s Bodu Bala Sena (BBS), a Sinhala-Buddhist fundamentalist organisation, has been received by India’s RSS, a partner in the ‘Hindutva’ Establishment in New Delhi, for ‘high level’ discussions to create a ‘Buddhist-Hindu’ alliance in South Asia, media reports said earlier this month. Obviously, the prime target of this move is the nation of Tamil-speaking people in the island, who are Saiva-Hindu, Christian and Muslim. While eyebrows are raised in several quarters over the unholy alliance, which is imperialist on one hand and genocidal on the other, many fail to see that the unfolding scenario is also effected by the USA twisting the Tamil national question in the island into a question of ‘religious minorities’, commented Tamil activists for alternative politics.

Further observations by the activists:

The US resolution passed in the UNHRC neither recognising the Tamil nation in the island against which a genocidal war was actually fought, nor even mentioning the name Tamil but talking of ‘religious minorities’, is a classic example of the twist of the truth, evasion of logical solutions but evocation of another set of devils needed for imperialist engineering.

Neither the LTTE nor any other militant organisation that came from Eezham Tamils was religious orientated. They all have steadfastly proclaimed secularism.

After branding them as ‘terrorists’, destroying them with a blanket denouncement of even the virtues achieved by the struggle, and detracting the historical realities of the long-existing national question that has reached genocide, both New Delhi and Washington directly or indirectly set a deviatory paradigm of religious confrontations, to weaken the affected people further.

The RSS reception to BBS, apart from its imperialist ambitions over the island as a whole, aims at destabilising the secular Dravidian foundations achieved by Tamils of Tamil Nadu and the Marxist orientation of the people of Kerala too.

The historical heritage of the multi-religious perspective and its linguistically unified nature in Tamil Nadu and Kerala is strikingly free from constrains seen in the rest of India.

South India can’t fall in line with the RSS outlook, which would eventually target South Indian Brahmanism too. A time will come for the people of Kerala also to denounce the M K Narayanan-Shiv Shankar Menon genre that served New Delhi, contributing to setting a despicably dangerous situation to its very region.

The BBS may think that the island is making another contact with the ‘Mauryan Empire’. An alternative look at history would tell that it was this outlook that prevented the Sinhala nation’s peaceful coexistence with the Eezham Tamil nation in the island as well as with other nations of shared heritage in the immediate neighbourhood of South India.

Shielding, denying and continuing the injustices of genocidal dimensions committed on the nation of Eezham Tamils, the paradigm started by imperialisms, especially by the New Delhi imperialism in South Asia, may find expansion to other regions also. BBS entering into an alliance programme with Myanmar’s 969 Movement is a small example.

As all paradigm-setting evil designs for the region ultimately pivots around denying the genocide committed on Eezham Tamils and denying the liberation of them as a nation in the island, ultimately it is that twin stand taken by the imperialisms that has to be targeted and addressed by peoples seeking peace in South Asia. Peoples in the southern part of South Asia have a special role to play.

The kind of talk coming from certain Tamil politicians in the island and certain activists in the diaspora that you would lose ‘audience’ in the so-called international community the moment you mention a separate state, is only playing second fiddle to the imperialisms that have long been misleading the struggle of Eezham Tamils by simulating a variety of ‘audience’ issues from time to time. So far, the Eezham Tamils ‘obediently’ caring the ‘audience’ issues ever since the British times has only led them to face genocide.

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