Displaced people from Vanni languish in Trincomalee villages

78 families displaced from Ki’linochchi district in 1990 into Trincomalee district and 67 families displaced after 2009 are languishing without permanent housing in the villages of Ki’lik-kugnchi and Naavach-chaalai in Kuchchave’li division in Trincomalee district, civil sources in the district said.

78 families displaced in 1990 are provided temporary resettlement at Ki’lik-kugnchi together with 41 families from Clappanberg. They are suffering without basic facilities and housing. The road to the village has not been rehabilitated and the students and workers have to struggle daily without a proper road, the people complain.

67 families displaced in 2009 are languishing in Naavach-chaalai village for five years in temporary huts that were meant to last for 6 months. There are no proper education facilities for the children, the uprooted people complain.

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