1200 houses damaged, 15 injured

The Disaster Management Centre said today that over 1200 houses have been damaged by strong winds that hit Vavuniya, Saturday evening.  The winds had hit the Settikulam area in Vavuniya last evening amidst torrential rains. Fifteen people have been injured and over 2000 persons have been moved to temporary shelters an official of the DMC said.

Many of the families residing in the Menik farm IDP camp were also affected by the winds. The Gail had hit the area at around 6.30 Pm after the torrential downpour which had begun at around 2.30Pm. Residents said that preceding the Gail there was an ice shower in the area.

Accordingly the Ananda Coomaraswamy Village and the Kadirgamar village were the worst affected. 950 temporary huts in the Ananda Coomaraswamy village and 274 temporary huts in the Kadirgamar village have been severely damaged. Many of the persons were injured as a result of the panic created by the strong winds. Flying ceiling sheets and other material had been the main cause of injury.

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