SL military confiscates state lands from civic bodies in North

As far as Eezham Tamils are concerned, State in the island exclusively means the occupying Sinhala military. This is once again vigorously demonstrated in the North, as the Sinhala military has started confiscating State lands from elected civic bodies in the North at gun point. The Sinhala colonial governor Maj. Gen. GA Chandrasri facilitates the process by appointing Sinhala Government Agents/ Asst. Government Agents in many of the districts in the North and by transferring Tamil officials not cooperating with the land grab for Sinhala colonies and the use of the military. Now the elected civic bodies in Jaffna too are threatened to give up not only State lands but also to agree to confiscation of private lands by the occupying military. Washington and New Delhi have discovered an Israel in the Sinhala State to groom in South Asia.

Recently, the elected president of the Kaarainakar regional council, Mr. Anaimukan, was threatened at gun point by an officer of the occupying Sri Lanka Navy stationed at Kaarainakar to agree to the confiscation of some State land by the SL Navy.

The incident took place publicly when the TNA-led civic body was in its sessions. The intruding Sinhala Navy officer called the chairman of the regional council aside and forced him to sign the confiscation document. Later, the chairman told media how he was forced to agree to the confiscation.

Currently the occupying Sinhala military intimidates the civic bodies in Valikaamam North division and in Chunnaakam to hand over State lands to the military.

14 Gemunu Watch division of the Sinhala military stationed in Valikaamam West pressurises the secretary of that regional council to agree to the confiscation of a private land at a place called Chaa’lampan.

After the Vanni War the Sinhala military has taken direct possession of many of the lands there. Now it wants to confiscate large tracts of land in the Jaffna district also to come under its direct possession.

The occupying military has asked the civic bodies and civil officials to hand over all lands not resettled, and lands of those who are in the diaspora, to the military. Implementing the programme, now the 14 Gemunu Watch has started intimidating the civic bodies, Mr. S. Suhirthan, secretary to Valikaamam West regional council told media.

* * *

Earlier the occupying military tried to confiscate lands through intimidating the civic bodies at village council level and through making the Government Agent to agree. As it failed, now they try to do it through the civic bodies at regional council level, news sources said.

Former Sri Lanka Government Agent in Jaffna, Mrs. Imelda Sukumar was transferred because at one stage she couldn’t agree to the designs of the military, the news sources further said.

The few Tamil civil servants remaining with the genocidal regime are first encouraged in personal corruption and then they are exploited to the maximum by the regime in its genocidal agenda, before throwing them out at a point when they couldn’t go any further, informed circles cited the example of some officials in Jaffna, Vavuniyaa and Mullaiththeevu. They also cited the plight of the diplomat Tamara Gunanayakam.

From such civil servants and diplomats to some politicians, media operators and diaspora stooges, there is a section that has not only fallen into the trap but in its desperation wants the entire nation of Eezham Tamils to follow suit.

* * *

Apart from the current drive of the occupying military and the Sinhala administrative machinery to confiscate lands of the nation of Eezham Tamils, in Valikaamam North in Jaffna, a large tract of land remains as an SL military territory for the last 20 years.

Out of 48 villages occupied for the so-called High Security Zone, only 20 are permitted for resettlement. 9 are partially permitted. Whether a large tract remaining and serving a base for the occupying military would ever be permitted for the people to resettle has become a question.

37524 people of 9904 families have registered as people coming from this tract waiting for resettlement. The number will be higher if the people of the tract gone to foreign countries are included.

Totally 44599 people of 14459 families in Jaffna are living in 53 welfare camps. Many live with their relatives and friends.

Most of these people have lost their houses and lands for the use of the occupying Sinhala military’s bases and posts. In such a scenario, even after the end of the war as claimed by the regime and its international abetters, why does the Sinhala military extend its confiscation of lands, is the question of the Tamil public.

* * *

The occupying Sinhala military needing more and more lands, while opinion simulated by the world establishments for demilitarization of the Tamil land stopping only at verbal level, has to be carefully scrutinised by the peoples of the region, political observers cautioned.

Because ultimately it is the peoples of South Asia, especially those who are in the neighbourhood, who are going to be affected for ages by the creation of an Israel among them, said political observers seeing striking similarities in what Israel is doing in Palestine and what the Sinhala state is doing in the country of Eezham Tamils.

Will those who in India verbally call for demilitarisation, come forward to create an all-India awareness and peoples’ mobilisation forcing the establishments including the one in New Delhi to effect the withdrawal of Sinhala military, ask anti-imperialist leftist activists in the island.

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