Syria evokes better response not seen in the case of Tamil genocide

The war within the same people in the regime and opposition in Syria, casualty wise much less in proportion to the genocidal war in the island of Sri Lanka in 2009, has evoked active responses from all the powers and the UN that were never shown in the case of the massive genocide of Eezham Tamils. The genocidal ruler Rajapaksa and his regime are still pampered by the world establishments, from the diamond jubilee celebrating Her Majesty’s Government in the UK to Buddhism celebrating Thailand, and from the USA and India facilitating escape route in the UNHRC to China, Russia and Cuba steadily protecting the regime. Nelson’s Eye will not help the world order. But Tamils have to realise that the failure of Tamil Nadu in 2009 and the continued failure of global Tamils in addressing the real culprits cause the disparity, said a diaspora activist.

30 odd articulating establishments ganged behind the USA and India, and the international media puppets that wanted to silently finish a war to a massive genocidal end, engineered the disparity that was seen in the responses to the case of Eezham Tamils.

The demographic strength of Tamil Nadu could have altered the situation if Karunanidhi had not seen it as a futile exercise of “one slave is helping another.”

At least now, the Tamils in the diaspora and in Tamil Nadu should know where to address and how effectively to address the issue in attracting attention to save the gagged and subjugated nation of Eezham Tamils in the island from total genocide and annihilation. If the global Tamils do not know how to come together in showing their strength, then perhaps they joining with the Muslims in Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iran and West Asia could only bring in attention from the real culprits, the diaspora activist further said.

This week, 41 of the 47 members in the UNHRC voted in favour of an investigation by the Commission of Inquiry on Syria, on alleged rights abuses.

Tamils have seen what the member countries of the UNHRC did at the end of the genocidal war, congratulating Rajapaksa, and even in the recent move with a lot of hanky-panky, came out with only a dangerous hoodwink saving the genocidal state and providing an escape route to the regime.

This week on Syria, the UNHRC ordered an independent probe to hunt those guilty of the Houla massacre, which Navi Pillai said could constitute a “crime against humanity.”

The massacre on 25 May killed 108 people, mostly children and women.

No UN official called for anything while the massive genocide, including thousands and thousands of women and children was taking place in Vanni.

Former UN chief Kofi Annan runs to and fro for peace mission of UN-Arab League on Syria. In the case of the Vanni war, the Norwegian ‘peace facilitators’ failed even in making the world aware of what was happening.

When 41 of the 47 members voted in favour of the UNHRC Syria resolution, a EU leadership directly negotiated with Russia, the leader of the opposing group (Russia, China and Cuba).

German Chancellor Angela Merkel directly entered into talks with the Russian President Vladimir Putin in Berlin.

No leader of the West ever entered into talks with anyone during the Eezham War. When Russia and China were to be negotiated at the UN Security Council, the then UK representative and the present MI6 director Sir John Sawers saw the LTTE long blighting the Sri Lankan government.

Refuting the accusation by Hillary Clinton for supplying arms to Syrian regime, Russia’s Putin said that his country “does not supply the weapons that could be used in a civil conflict.”

The US didn’t accuse anyone for supplying weapons to genocidal Sri Lanka and the internationally prohibited cluster bombs that killed the bulk of civilians including many women and children in the Vanni War had Russian markings.

Even China that voted against the UNHRC resolution on Syria agreed that war had to be stopped in Syria. An immediate ceasefire is necessary otherwise the situation could lead to a civil war in Syria, said China’s ambassador to the UN. Why didn’t his country see a ceasefire necessary, when it was the genocide of Tamils, ask an Eezham Tamil activist who in his younger days was writing in the walls of Jaffna for the Peking Wing of the Communist Party.

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