US want to take over SL: Wimal

Minister Wimal Weerawansa alleges that the United States wants to take over the country and is lining up with separatist forces in order to achieve its goal.

“The geographic location of Sri Lanka and its natural resources are vital for American interest and due to this factor, the Americans have sided with separatist organizations that want to de stabilize this country and then take it over” he said.

Addressing an event in Marawila on Saturday the Minister said the reason for the continuous insistence by the US and other elements on the removal of the Military in the North clearly proves this ulterior motive.

“It is because of this that the US, Britain and the TNA are asking for the removal of the military in the North. That would help them sow the seeds of separatism again in the North and de-stabilize the region and the country,” he said.

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