SL military launches inteligence operations to monitor Muslim youth of Mannaar

While the Sinhala Buddhist organizations, with alleged backing from certain sections of Colombo government, have stepped up attacks on places of worships of the Muslims in the South and a hate campaign against Halal meet is being whipped up, the Sri Lankan military intelligence operatives in Mannaar district have started to ‘observe’ Muslim youth under a military operation termed as ‘preventive measures’. The SL police sources in Mannaar said Muslim youth who might contemplate on armed resistance against the Sinhala extremist elements in South are being monitored in recent days, both day and night.

The Muslim organisations in the Mannar district, the activities of Muslim clergy and any other activities in relation to the Muslim places of worship are under scrutiny by the intelligence forces.

The SL operation has been launched following the Halal food controversies and the killing of two Sinhala officers in the district.

Information regarding any possible existence of a Jihad movement in Mannar district, whether there existed a Jihad movement earlier, the details of the Islamic organisations that function at present, information about the funding sources and the persons who provide leadership etc., are being collected in a confidential manner, news sources further said.

Muslim dominated areas of Mannaar city, such as Moor Street, Uppuk-ku’lam, Periya-kadai, Puthukkudiyiruppu, Karaisal are continuously monitored by SL intelligence operatives during the day time. SL military personnel have stepped up monitoring duties at nights.

Further, particulars relating to individuals who retired from government service are also being collected in a covert manner in the Mannaar district.

The SL intelligence operatives are also collecting details such as the department they belonged to, whether they receive funds from abroad, where and with whom they stay at present etc., the news sources further said.

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