Colombo plans settling 5,000 Sinhala families in Mannaar: TNA MP

The occupying Sri Lanka has planned to appropriate lands in Mannaar district of the occupied country of Eezham Tamils to settle five thousand Sinhala families thus creating two new Sinhala villages, said Vanni district Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarian Mr.Selvam Adaikalanathan citing inside instructions coming from Colombo to Mannaar district secretariat. “According to this covert plan one thousand five hundred Sinhalese families in Maanthai West DS division, one thousand Sinhalese families in Madu AGA division and one thousand five hundred Sinhalese families in Musali DS division are to be settled down in the district,” Mr Adaikkalanathan further told media.

Selvam Adaikkalanathan [Library Photo] According to reliable information, a Sinhalese village to be created between two Muslim villages and another Sinhalese village is to be created between two Tamil villages in Mannaar district.

The covert plan for the land appropriation and creation of two Sinhala villages in the district has the blessing of a Cabinet Minister who hails from district, Mr. Selvam Adaikalanathan further said.

The TNA parliamentarian and TELO leader who also hails from Mannaar said land appropriation and creation of new Sinhala villages are to take place while large number of uprooted Tamils and Muslims are still waiting for the resettlement in their own villages.

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