Malaysia assisting Sri Lanka hide genocide evidence?

The Malaysian Police operating under the Ministry of Home Affairs (Malay: Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN)) intervened 3rd July in Kaula Lampur in the film screening of “No Fire Zone” directed by Callum Macrae of Channel-4 organized by the Pusat Komas, a Malaysian human rights NGO, a press released issued by the organizers said. After engaging in harassing attending journalists the KDN officials allowed the screening, and later checked the identity cards of the attendees, and took three Komas officials to the local police station for questioning. The Komas event followed a parliamentary screening of the film where, according to Macrae, "MPs were visibly shocked and pledged themselves "to renew their calls for an independent international inquiry into all the crimes committed in the final months of the civil war.""

Malaysian Police harassing journalists

On the evening of the 3rd July, Wednesday, KOMAS a human rights NGO together with the KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall Civil Right Committee (KLSCAH CRC) co-organized the film screening.

After the film screening, the KDN and Police team numbering about 30 officers ordered 3 KOMAS representatives, Ms Anna Har (KOMAS Board of Director), Mr Arul Prakkash (Executive Director) and Ms Lena Hendry (KOMAS Programme officer) to attend the local Police station for questioning, according Komas press release.

PDF: Macrae statement on KDN intervention

According to Channel-4, "during the day members of the Sri Lankan Embassy had tried to persuade both the owners of the hall and Pusat Kumas that they should cancel the screening. Komas officials refused. The Malaysian government’s Censorship Board also contacted Pusat Komas and told them to cancel the screening. Komas declined that too."

KDN said the "arrests" were based on the violation of Seksyen 6 of Film Censorship Act which says no one should screen any film or related publicity materials which is not approved by the board.

Sri Lanka Government website reported that three "tiger terrorists" were arrested in Malaysia.

Komas officials said, "As citizens of this country, we have every right to have our freedom to express and dialog on issues that is the threat to humanity. Sri Lankan war crimes was a clear threat to humanity and the number of lives that were lost deserves the voice of the world to speak that. And as a responsible government, they should allow this discussion and not clamp it down using the enforcement agencies."

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