‘US-British imperialism helps Sinhala colonization of Tamil homeland’

The help of US and British imperialism assists the Sinhala state’s colonization of Tamil areas, observes a solidarity statement by Europe based Kurdish and Turkish diaspora youth organizations. Released on the occasion of Black July, the statement in German language, signed by 4 Left-leaning youth organizations and published on the official website of the German based Kurdish youth organization the Union of Students from Kurdistan (YXK), besides condemning the massacre in July 1983 also traced the continuity of genocide to May 2009 and after, stating that the rulers “had no interest in the scheduled peace process and negotiations”.

The statement was signed by Union of Students from Kurdistan (YXK), Democratic Youth Movement Europe (ADGH), Young Struggle (YS) and Union of Students from Kurdistan (YXK).

“On 30 Anniversary of the massacre of the Tamils, we remember all the victims of Black July. Organized youth from Turkey and Kurdistan who have come together to stand up together against all forms of oppression, exploitation and repression, we will continue to go in this sense to the streets and stand up for freedom and justice. As youth organizations in Europe, we have joined us to focus our efforts in the future, together, in solidarity and determination to build international solidarity and to take our organization to the streets,” the statement said.

Welcoming this gesture of solidarity, Balakrishnan Koculan, representative of the youth wing of the German Die Linke party, told TamilNet “From 1983 to 2009 and to now, world establishments assisted and abetted the genocidal war on the Eezham Tamil nation. Our real friends in the international community are oppressed nations and progressive forces who have been persecuted by the same establishments. Only when the Tamil youth join hands with such forces and conduct a resolute struggle, will our calls for justice be heeded.”

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