Detention of Kolathur Mani under India’s NSA act condemned

The recent arrest and continued detention of Kolathur S. Mani, a veteran Tamil activist in Tamil Nadu and the founder-president of Dravidar Viduthalaik Kazhakam (DVK), has evoked strong reactions from Tamil national activists across the State. The Tamil Nadu Police took Mr Mani into custody following allegations that some DVK party members were behind violent incidents against Central Government installations in Tamil Nadu as a form reaction against Indian External Affairs Minister’s announcement that he would participate in the controversial CHOGM meet to be held in Colombo. The General Secretary of DVK, Viduthalai Rajendran, categorically denied Kolathur Mani’s involvement. Stating that Mr Mani had publicly distanced from violent acts as a form of protest, Mr Rajendran urged the authorities to relase the leader of the DVK movement.

Pazha Nedumaran, the leader of Tamil Nationalist Movement, condemned the arrest and said Kolathur Mani had no involvement with the violent incidents in Chennai.

MDMK General Secreatry Vaiko questioned the motive behind the hurried arrest by the Tamil Nadu police and the immediate imprisoning before next morning denying him any chance of bail.

P. Maniyarasan, the leader of Tamil National Communist Party, condemning the arrest said that the claim of the Tamil Nadu police in charging Kolathur Mani was not credible and urged the Tamil Nadu government to release the DVK leader.

Questioning the need for hurried arrest, the coordinator of Naam Thamizhar Kadchi, Seeman, blamed that the Police was committing injustice in its attempt to curb future democratic protests being organised by the DVK.

Thol Thirumavalavan of VCK has condemned the move as an attempt to suppress the democratic voice of the DVK leader Kolathur Mani. He questioned the need for detaining him under the NSA.

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