Violent Buddhist monk defies civil administration, steps up Sinhalicisation in Batticaloa

The Chief Incumbent of Buddhist temple in Batticaloa, Ven. Ampitiye Sumanarathana Thera, who behaved violently at Ma’nmunai South-West (Paddippazhai) Divisional Secretariat, threatening the Tamil Divisional Secretary Ms Vilvaratnam continues the Sinhalicisation project at Batticaloa – Ampaa’rai border village, Kevu’liyaamadu, with the backing of the occupying Sri Lankan military. In the meantime, more Sinhalese were being brought into Kevu’liyaa-madu to occupy Tamil lands, civil sources in Batticaloa said.

After grabbing lands for the construction of a Buddist vihara at Suvaami-malai village within the Paddippazhai division, the monk has been illegally constructing a Buddhist vihara at the ancient Tamil village.

The construction of the vihara has been going on for more than 2 years despite the repeated complaints by the people of the village and their representatives.

When the monk had sent an application to register the Buddhist vihara with the divisional secretariat, the divisional secretary urged the management of the vihara to submit original land deeds for the disputed land where the vihara is situated.

Then the monk came to the Divisional Secretariat on Wednesday and staged a violent scene inside the office of the Divisional Secretary and threatened her to proceed with the registration. The violent monk caused damage to the computer, telephone, fax machine and the stationary at her desk before leaving the secretariat.

The Vihara is situated between Thaanthaamalai and Kachchatkodi at Suvami-malai village in Paddippazhai division.

Suvaami-malai village is about 90 square km in extent and 253 Tamil families of 1057 persons lived there in 1985 when the SL military began attacking the villagers.

Following the war, Colombo’s Buddhist monk and the occupying SL military started to Sinhalicise the area, setting up housing scheme at grazing land, chasing out the cattle of Tamil farmers. Despite the instruction by the divisional secretariat to vacate the public lands, the occupying settlers continue to stay there with the backing of the SL military.

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