Armed men abduct son of leading civil activist in Jaffna

Four masked men carrying handguns have abducted 22-year-old son of the leading fisheries society activist Kanthavanam Sooriyakumaran in the early hours of Thursday at Inparuddi, Point-Pedro, in Jaffna district, according to the relatives of the victim, Thamilamuthan Sooriyakumaran. The abduction took place while Mr Thamilamuthan was alone at his sister’s home, as the family had gone to Vadamaraadchi East to take part in the memorial event held for their children and others who had perished in 2004 tsunami tragedy. Mr Thamilamuthan has already complained to his family and friends that Sri Lankan military intelligence operatives were closely following him during the past few days. His father, Mr Kanthavanam, is the president of the Federation of fisheries societies in the Northern Province.

In an SOS message to his family through SMS, Mr Thamilamuthan wanted immediate help to save him from four masked men, who were carrying handguns. He was reported missing thereafter.

The abduction has taken place between 4:30 a.m. and 6:00 am.

The incident is reported while there were widespread complaints that the SL military intelligence operatives at Point Pedro camp were monitoring the family members of the civil activists in Vadamaraadchi North.

The abductions have started to surface again in different forms in Jaffna. Most of the abductions are taking place silently, as anonymous callers claiming themselves as TID officers warn the families against any complaint or media reports on the incidents.

Only a few of such harassments get reported in media. In some of the cases that get reported publicly, the TID has claimed the persons reported missing as being under arrest. But, many cases go unreported, rights activists in North say.

Even the civil activists, who receive funds from temple societies in the Diaspora to channel funds to the affected victims, get harassed and monitored by the occupying SL military.

While those sitting in the Embassies in Colombo, conveniently manage their geopolitical game through their ‘soft’ interventions, the occupying Sri Lanka keeps inventing new and creative ways to exercise its unchecked hard power on the gagged nation of Eezham Tamils, civil activists in Jaffna complain.

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