Genocidal military twists statistics on uprooted Eezham Tamils

Genocidal Sri Lanka has instructed its government agents in the 8 districts of North and East not to release any statistical figures without consulting the authorities in Colombo, informed sources told TamilNet Wednesday. Sri Lankan authorities have fully abandoned the figures of the resettled people residing outside the so-called welfare camps. The EPDP collaborators in the UPFA have also been instructed to play in sync with Colombo on the statistics of displaced people and resettled people in these two districts, Tamil civil sources in Jaffna said pointing out the controversies that surfaced at the District Development Committee (DDC) meetings of Jaffna and Ki’linochchi held this week.

Even some of the civic councillors elected on the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) tickets in the Jaffna district have been influenced to support the statistical framework of Colombo, a prominent TNA councillor of the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) told TamilNet.

When questioned on the source behind the latest statistics, informed sources in Jaffna and Ki’linochchi told TamilNet that the figures come from the US-trained (2012) occupying commander of the Sri Lankan military Major General Udaya Perera.

Thousands of families uprooted from Valikaamam North and other places of the former ‘High Security Zones’ still reside with their relatives and friends. These figures have been removed from the statistics provided by the divisional secretaries.

The genocidal military has also ‘conducted’ its own statistics on the number of people residing in the so-called welfare camps.

SL presidential sibling and defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has also gone on record stating that the figures of people to be resettled is somewhere between one and two per cent of those reported as displaced after the end of war.

UPFA members, including the EPDP, were actively confronting the TNA politicians on the number of people yet to be resettled in Valikaamam North and other places in the Jaffna district.

The TNA politicians were forced to confront the EPDP on the question of resuming the operation of the teachers training college at Palaali. The SL military has appropriated the buildings and the lands of the teachers training college.

At the DDC meeting of Ki’linochchi district held on Tuesday, EPDP politician M. Chandrakumar was presenting the figures of uprooted people in Ki’linochchi as something below one hundred families. TNA parliamentarian Sivagnanam Sreetharan categorically denied the figures of the EPDP and said thousands of families are yet to be resettled in Vanni.

The SL military officers in Vanni have been exerting pressure on the people staying in the camps to sign documents providing the addresses of their relatives and friends. Only if they organised their exit from these camps to these addresses they would be ready for the next phase of resettlement, the uprooted people were told. Thousands of families are now forced to permanently stay with their relatives, TNA politicians further said.

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