BJP’s bypass ‘geopolitics’

New Delhi’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) comes out with a comical ‘geopolitics’ bypassing India’s own Tamil Nadu State and the nation of Eezham Tamils at the closest proximity, to build a ‘Ram Sethu’ to genocidal Sri Lanka, and in that process concedes to the total annihilation of the nation and territoriality of Eezham Tamils. Even though the inroads of China and Pakistan are cited as usual, and now added with citation of US interference as well, the DNA of the thinking of New Delhi and some of its South Indian articulators on the question of Tamils has to be carefully understood by all Tamils. There is no alternative to Tamils proving their geopolitical strength in all justifiable ways possible.

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It should be remembered that it is a struggle of the military-less nations of Tamil Nadu Tamils and Eezham Tamils against imperialist New Delhi and genocidal Colombo having ‘military to military’ relationship; the former having an ‘Asian imperialist’ dream of foul geopolitical foundations and means, and the latter considering the situation as a once in a millennium historic opportunity to complete the genocide and annihilation of the nation of Eezham Tamils in the island.

It should also be remembered that in this process, the BJP and the Congress are not different; JNU’s Romila Thaper and Harward’s Subramanian Swamy are not different and Hindutva polity and Marxist Communism of India are not different.

It is high time for Tamil Nadu to lead a political process in India to form a third front, based on a confederation of regional political parties and various people’s movements all over India.

The BJP polity is going to evoke dangerously sharp confrontations in India and disillusionment of masses should not again bring in Sonia-Rahul-Priyanka Congress. Among the southern States, it is only Karnataka that is lacking in coming out with a powerful non-BJP/ non-Congress political formation. Others should inspire and help Karnataka in this regard.

* * *

Encouraged by New Delhi’s ‘geopolitics’ prostrating to genocide, Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s defence ministry website came out with a derogatory feature on Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Ms. Jayalalithaa, who was steadily voicing against New Delhi’s foul complicity with genocidal Sri Lanka.

The website withdrew the feature with unconditional apology and the occasion has demonstrated a rare and appreciable coming together of all political parties of Tamil Nadu in voicing protest.

Tamil Nadu is always excellent in coming out with emotional responses. But when it comes to theoretical challenges in shaping elite opinion in other parts of India and in setting international perspectives, why should they always be the realm of Cho Ramaswamies, Subramanian Swamies, Sri Lanka Ratna Rams and now Seshadri Chari Ramanujams, is a question Tamil Nadu intellectuals and political movements should peruse.

There is a conscious and explicit effort by both New Delhi and Colombo to isolate Tamil Nadu in India, just because it opposes a sinister imperialist model creating another Israel in its neighbourhood.

The Mumbai-based corporate media opinion mobilisations, genocidal Colombo’s activities in Andhra and Odisha, and now Subramanian Swamy, BJP’s Strategic Action Committee Chairman, saying, “let us delink Indo-Lanka relations from Tamil Nadu and problems of the Tamils,” are some of the manifestations of this isolation policy.

“Sri Lanka is the guardian of the Indian Ocean for India. India’s security and prosperity depends on security and prosperity in Sri Lanka,” said Seshadri Chari Ramanujan, head of BJP’s Foreign Policy Cell, outlining BJP’s envisagement for a ‘New Commonwealth of Asia.”

Tamil Nadu has every theoretical and humanitarian justification in opposing the handing over of the ‘guardianship’ of security to congenitally genocidal Sri Lanka, and the foul foundations of the ‘New Commonwealth of Asia.’

* * *

But geopolitics is partly a smokescreen. BJP’s corporate media journalist Swapan Dasgupta, who was in the forefront in defending genocidal Sri Lanka when he visited the island along with Sushma Swaraj, even before BJP coming to power, said this time that Mr. Modi’s main priority is unequivocally economic.

“It’s this very matter-of-fact, urgent business style – very Gujerati. That’s the DNA that will define Modi.” Colombo’s Sunday Times cited Swapan Dasgupta.

Eezham Tamils in their long struggle in the island know well what genre of theoretical DNAs contributed to their genocide and are continuing with that.

When PTI cited Seshadri Chari Ramanujan that he had told Colombo to resolve the Tamil issue for trade and commerce between Colombo and New Delhi to progress, Chari came out with an immediate denial, saying that he had never spoken those words in Colombo.

According to him, he had only expressed his opinion that the Tamils issue was an internal matter of Sri Lanka and should not be internationalised.

"I am a votary of greater trade and commerce with Sri Lanka," he added.

* * *

Full complicity in genocide and continued genocide is not involvement in internal matters. Ganging up with the USA and 30+ world Establishments in the genocide was not internationalisation. But investigation, justice and talking of any just solution are interference and internationalisation – this is BJP New Delhi’s ‘national interest’ transcending ‘regional interest’.

“We are very proud of your president for decisively finishing a sinister terror organisation that was a threat to our country too,” Subramanian Swamy said in Colombo amidst applause, adding, “Let no activity in the international arena subtract from them…sometimes I wonder is these HR issues contrived to belittle the importance of this decisive victory.”

According to Swamy, countries accusing Sri Lanka of rights abuse were themselves guilty of serious violations and hence, “There is no need for Sri Lanka, or India, to be defensive about it.”

According to BJP’s South India based ‘geopolitics’ pundit, Prof Madhavan Nalapat, who was speaking on BRICS as a ‘viable new architecture’ to balance the monopoly of NATO, Rajapaksa is a hero.

“In this multi-polar world Sri Lanka has an important role” he asserted. In 2009 Mahinda Rajapaksa did not give in to pressures to ‘give certain individuals one more chance.’ There is a clear message in that kind of independence coming at a time when the unipolar world is on the wane. “Sri Lanka’s independent foreign policy is appreciated by Modi,” Sunday Times cited Madhavan Nalapat.

If Madhavan’s reference is to the USA, Tamils have every reason to consider New Delhi as a worse adversary than Washington.

If genocidal Mahinda Rajapaksa’s ‘independence’ in not giving in to pressure, (opportunistically) seeing the unipolar world on the wane, is appreciable to Modi, what greater applause and appreciation Pirapaharan’s LTTE that didn’t surrender a righteous liberation struggle should get from the world humanity, for not giving in to the joint mobilisation of the USA, UK, India, China, Russia, Japan, EU, and 30+ Establishments and the UN, the trade union of these Establishments?

* * *

The PPT has a lacuna in not pursuing the investigation and exposure on the role of India in the genocide and continued genocide of Eezham Tamils.

Tamils have not done enough studies on the competition between Washington and New Delhi over the island ever since the Bandung Conference and Nehru’s times, and how it was the Tamils who were always at the receiving end, first the up-country Tamils of Indian origin and then the Eezham Tamils, as scapegoats of New Delhi’s same old ‘geopolitics’ taking only new ‘avatars’.

Genocidal Sri Lanka’s former permanent representative to the UN in Geneva during the war, Dayan Jayatilleka, said on Friday that, “India under Modi will not take kindly to the West bypassing India and attempting to strong arm Sri Lanka.”

Will Tamil Nadu of 70 million people, and having an equal say in the geopolitical location, take it kindly to New Delhi bypassing it in making an unholy alliance with Sri Lanka in the annihilation of the nation of Eezham Tamils, creating permanent unrest in Tamil Nadu, is the question. History will answer it.

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