Sinhala division hijacks civil affairs of Tamil division in East

After Sinhalicising the strategic land-link between the Northern and Eastern provinces and demographically changing the Ma’nal-aa’ru region of Eezham Tamils into a fully Sinhalicised DS division in the south of Northern province, the Colombo government and its military Establishment have now instructed the Sinhala Divisional Secretariat of Padavi Sripura in Trincomalee to take charge of the civil affairs in the northernmost part of Kuchave’li division of Trincomalee district in the Eastern province. The move intends to carve out a Sinhala district, occupying the strategic land and the sea link between the Northern and Eastern provinces and annex that part with the North Central Province, fear informed Tamil civil officials in Trincomalee.

The entire administration of the reconstruction work of Kollang-ku’lam tank in Thennai-maravadi village of Kuchchave’li division has been taken over by the Sinhala officials from Padavi Sripura division, the Tamil officials who didn’t wish to be named told TamilNet on Monday.

The Tamil officials are also being told by the Colombo government to approach Padavi Sripura Divisional Secretariat when they wanted to provide electricity supply to villages in the northern part of the Kuchchave’li division.

Already, Sinhala fishermen have been brought in large numbers into Kokku’laay lagoon and the seas off Kokku’laay, snatching away the fisheries-based livelihoods from Eezham Tamils.

Three years ago, when Colombo was scheming demographic changes absorbing Tamil villages into Sinhala and Muslim divisions in Trincomalee, Tamils protested against the move.

However, the Colombo government is continuing to commit the demographic genocide by involving the Sinhala division to hijack the cvil administration in the areas that come under Kuchchave’li division to make inroads for new Sinhala settlements, the Tamil officials say.

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