Maithiripala expected to poll 4 to 6 times more than Rajapaksa in North

Maithiripala Sirisena is expected to poll four to six times more votes than Mahinda Rajapaksa in the Jaffna Electoral District while the contest is reportedly tight in the South, sources monitoring the counting told TamilNet at 10:40 p.m. local time on Thursday. Voter turnout in the administrative district of Jaffna was at 61.14%. Mullaiththeevu recorded 74.78% voter turnout, Mannaar 68.25% and Ki’linochchi 70.1%. The voter turnout was at 72% in the administrative district of Trincomalee in the East. 70% turnout was registered at Ampaa’rai district and 60.93% in Batticaloa district in the East. Official results are expected to be released after midnight.

Maithiripala has received 10,893 votes and Mahinda Rajapaksa 4,576 votes in the postal voting in Jaffna district.

Maithiripala polled 38,856 votes in Ki’linochchi district while Mahinda Rajapaksa got 13,300, according to local poll monitors.

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A total of 15,004,490 electors were qualified to cast their votes at the Sri Lankan Presidential election, according to SL voters registry of 2014. Of these, 1,870,073 electors are from the electoral districts in the Northern and Eastern provinces.

The electorate wise figures of the number of voters in the North-East follow:

Electoral District of Jaffna

Ooraaththu’rai (Kayts): 22,057

Vaddukkoaddai: 47,621

Kaangkeasanthu’rai: 63,217

Maanippaay: 54.567

Koappaay: 55,891

Uduppiddi: 39,204

Point Pedro: 36,138

Chaavakachcheari: 51,702

Nalloor: 46,699

Jaffna: 33,050

Ki’linochchi: 79,093

Sub Total: 529,239

Electroal District of Vanni

Mannaar: 79,433


Mullaiththeevu: 63,920

Sub Total: 253,058

Electoral District of Batticaloa

Kal-kudaa: 105,056

Batticaloa: 172,499

Paddiruppu: 87,612

Sub Total: 365,167

Electoral District of Ampaa’rai (Digamadulla)

Ampaa’rai: 161,999

Chammaanthurai: 60,357

Kalmunai: 71,254

Pottuvil: 152,147

Sub Total: 465,757

Electoral District of Trincomalee district

Seruwila: 74,070

Trincomalee: 86,978

Moothoor: 95,804

Sub Total: 256,852

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