Stores Boycott The nationwide expansion of the boycott campaign is beginning to get noticed. Besides the Tamil media a number of local papers covered our groups in action. The main aim must be consistency i.e. regular turnouts which will increase awareness amongst the media and general public. This coming Weekend (5th and 6th December) campaign… Continue reading ECONOMIC WAR THE WAY FORWARD……

Australians slam ‘Indonesian Solution’

Over a 150 people marched through the streets of Sydney on Sunday calling upon the federal government to abolish its harsh stance on refugees and grant asylum to hundreds of Tamil refugees currently being detained in Indonesia at Australia’s request. Citing persecution faced by Tamils at the hands of the Sri Lankan Government, protestors labelled… Continue reading Australians slam ‘Indonesian Solution’

Big GAP in ethics, US shoppers told

Several dozen protesters carried placards in front of the Gap and Banana Republic stores on Wisconsin Avenue, Maryland, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Saturday, urging ethical U.S. shoppers to boycott garments produced in Sri Lanka, while another group of Tamil activists assembled in front of Victoria’s Secret Stores in midtown Manhattan in New York… Continue reading Big GAP in ethics, US shoppers told

Thousands attend Heroes day remembrance at Excel Centre, London

Thousands of British Tamils carrying red roses, gloriosa lilies (Karthikaipoo: Tamil Eelam national flower) and lamps, are filing into the main venue, at the Excel Centre in East London, where large cut-outs of Tamil Eelam were displayed on either side of the stage. The annual commemoration began with a moment of silence in memory of… Continue reading Thousands attend Heroes day remembrance at Excel Centre, London